it's coming, it's coming

This event is my favorite!
Quarterly the Low Income Housing Institute in Seattle's Belltown area throws a big Market/Party type event. Lots of artisans, crafters, vintage sellers, etc. You can have your bike repaired, hair cut, get a massage and acupuncture, have tailoring done, get a tattoo, have your face painted, and more. After 6pm, it's music, food and booze. How could you possibly beat this combo???
If you're anywhere near the Seattle area, this is a Must-Do!


Snowflower Street said...

Seattle is just so great. I have been very tempted to move there. But can a California girl survive in that much rain? Still, all those coffee houses. Aah.


julia said...

:) We don't have that much rain but we have a lot of gray days, (and coffee spots). Those gray days are tough even for a Seattle girl!

ThePeachTree said...

That roach freaks me out!!! I wish I was closer, I'd be there in a second :)

Deb DiSalvo said...

OMG - this sounds like sooooooo much fun - wish I were in Seatlle. Hey, you'll have to check out my "Seattle at Night" fused glass piece at my etsy shop!

You can click on "city scenes" and its in there, if you don't want to scroll through all the items!!!