it's wonderful!

Last night laying in bed, it sounded like it was raining. All night.
I slept sooooo well knowing I would likely be waking up to little piles of slushy snow here and there, the remnants of snow shoveling from the last 13 days.

I woke up this morning in a rush to look outside.
Snow! There was still snow! Everywhere!
What I had listened to all night was the snow and ice slowing melting from the roof and filling the gutters and downspouts.
It's ok, I'll take what I can get. It has to start somewhere.

The good news is, the places where all from my street were outside shoveling the 6 inches of ice, capped with 8" of snow yesterday --------*drum roll*--------- IT IS CLEAR!
Wet pavement is smiling up at me :-) I should be able to venture out, on my own, in my own car!

The promised rain hasn't arrived yet but it must be close...


You may never hear this from me again.
I'll date stamp it for proof it was really said.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 9:13am

"I wish it would rain"

There. It's said.

You know, I love a great excuse (snow) to stay home from work as much as the next guy/gal. Even more than that, I love an excuse to litter the house with partially finished art projects. Moving from project to project when I need a change of pace.

But now?
I've really had enough.

It's making me a whiner and I'm really not one.
"Sure", you say. It's true!
I am the lemonade from lemons, treasures from trash, snowballs from snow ultimate diehard. Ok, but maybe not that last one anymore.

Yes. Please rain. For a few days in a row, even.

ps: it's still snowing

Watch Armegeddon unfold in my neighborhood

NOAA forecasts better than it has actually been

Still snowing...

Well, Sunday night here.

I Heart Rummage was cancelled.
It was the big Christmas show I was counting on. The roads were just ridiculous. Overall, it's a good thing that it was cancelled. If vendors couldn't make it there, how would shoppers. My 12" ruler nearly disappeared in the front grass, I mean, snow, where the grass should be. Best we all stayed home.
Here is my street Sunday evening at 5:30pm

Yes, that is a bit of a hill you see. It's an intersting climb if I can get a car out of the snow drifts or garage from last nights snowfall.

Here's the front door.
I had the bright idea about 4:00 to shovel the front walk so when/if Joel and the babies come to see me tomorrow they have a place to stomp off their feet besides inside Grandma's house.
Umm, yeah. It's already an inch deep where I shoveled an hour and a half ago, and still snowing.

Come on, really?

I mean, I'm already convinced we're beginning Armageddon but via the Ice Age? Really?
There has to be a better way to go.

The top is Thursday morning (which I thought was awful) the roads getting out of the neighborhood were impassable for a 2 wheel drive.

But look at this. Now this here is Saturday at 5pm.

I know the pictures are dark.
That's 'cause there's NO LIGHT.

It's nice and quiet, pretty and all... for about 3 days. Now, it just plain awful. It's worn out it's welcome.

Places to go, things to do.
My tires haven't seen pavement since Tuesday but they still ventured out on Wednesday. Scary. They are safely in the garage until we get a bit of rain to make this all go away.