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I asked a few questions,
My name is Dahlila (but if you've read my blog, you know my secret. shh! don't tell.)

How did you get started making these awesome recycled button bracelets?
A lot of my work comes from an initial need for a gift. I like to create while thinking about the friend it's for. In this case it was a birthday for a friend who loves jewelry and bright colors. After that, buttons began materializing! People gave me their grandmother's attic stash. What a gift.

What inspires you?
Wow. An odd juxtaposition of nature and junk--however, not together. I like nature pristine and peaceful. But I also love discarded piles, thrift stores, junk yards, scrap piles. I'm a dumpster diver at heart. It's all about the curiosity. It runs in my family. We are a thrifty and creative people, if I do say so.

Recycling tips? Keep your eyes open. I find crazy stuff on the street just being out in the world. I'm a natural crow. If it shimmers or shines, I have to see what it is. As for my own stuff? Give it away, sell it, dismantle it, recycle it, compost it, refurbish it. Check out www.freecycle.com. It's a great trade source.

Do you Blog? http://snowflowerstreet.wordpress.com/. I've got another shop opening soon as well: dahlilafound.etsy.com. for scavenged objects, buttons, paper and supplies. It's good to spread it around.

Anything else? Experiment. Try new things. Recycle yourself. I don't think it matters so much what you make or do as long as it wakes up your heart.

I know you HAVE to own one of these but you'll have to hurry,
they're one of a kind! Stop by, grab one fast and


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Those bracelets are wonderful!!