...about to explode!

Do you ever feel like you have so many ideas for new projects that you just can't stand it? So many projects, too little time? One of my biggest problems is that I'm buried in supplies. Sure, it's pretty well organized, especially since the move, but are there too many options?

When we changed rooms I was forced to go through everything as I moved it. There is some really interesting stuff in there. Every time I start a project and begin to get things out for it I find something incredibly cool for another project.

I feel like the poster child for ADD.

I keep telling myself I need to buy a journal for writing down my ideas with a quick sketch. I start looking at them, on Etsy of course, and think "I have everything to make that. I've always wanted to try it out. Maybe I should make a few of them". Guess what happens then? No journal gets purchased, and off I go on a hunt for the exact supplies. I then find that I'm missing 1 (crucial, of course) thing to complete it and set it aside so I remember to buy the missing item. Nothing gets made, noting gets purchased, no journal.
My goal before the weekend? BUY A JOURNAL, and make one later.

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Rascallion said...

I can so identify with you. You should see my studio - eeeek!