ATC's - Swap-bot fun!

Quick post with last nights ATC's for a swap.
The theme was postage stamps.

I relied on natural light as I didn't want to get the whole light set-up out. The pictures could have been better but hey, I remembered to take them :)

In honor of my Dad 1-11

We lost my Dad 2 years ago today.
He was a strong, supportive man that always had a smile, a song and kind word for everyone. He taught me to always make a true effort, start every day fresh carrying over only the lessons from the day before, that "happy" and "positive" is a choice and that even the most annoying, difficult person had good qualities if you took the time to look. He was right and I miss him.

Dad holding my son Joel

Dad holding my son Joel's, son Dylan

See Dad peeking around the right side?

My new addiction

This website has been so much fun for me while we were buried in the frozen, white rain.
It has brought me back to making the ATC's and Inchies that I love so much.

Swap-bot has also been a great break from jewelry making. The frenzy of holiday "stocking up" for the wholesale orders, consignment shops, live shows and my own websites had really wore me down.

Check out Swap-bot. You can start small or just jump right in. When you get the mail, it feels like your birthday. Every day!


Jan 4th

I don't want to talk about it.

It's almost time

New Year's Day (and the snow) has come and gone and it's just
about time to get back on schedule.

I haven't decided if it's a relief knowing structure is just around the corner or if it's just a little bit sad knowing that routine is going to come rushing in on Monday January 5th.

Either way, winter solstice has passed and the days are getting longer. Yay!