half an hour

Less than a half hour to kill.

I realized that I've been so busy pulling together crafting kits, gathering supplies for workshops and redecorating the studio that I haven't actually been crafty in over a week. No wonder I've felt off.

With limited supplies at home and 30 minutes, this is the best I could do.
That will hold me for a day or two :)

Festival Time!

Bull Moose Festival
NE 68th & Roosevelt Way
Saturday July 17th, 2010
9am to 3pm
Lots of treasures in the Black Door Studio booth:

Come by come by between 8:30 and 10:30am and have breakfast with the Seafair Pirates!

Wednesday's through August!

I will be selling my recycled jewelry at the
South County Farmers Market!

Stop in and say hello, pick up fresh local produce, buy local art's and crafts, listen to live music while you eat dinner and let the kids ride the electric ATV track and play in the "bouncy castle".

Find me in Seattle on Saturday!

Shop for Mom, shop for yourself.
Support Local Artists and support Local Community Programs!

One of the awesome things about this show is that we will be collecting a suggested donation of $1 and/or non-perishable food items for Lifelong AIDS Alliance! There are also Raffle Baskets with Art & Craft Donations in them ranging from $10 to well over $100 PER ITEM! I'm going to be buying a few raffle tickets myself! At $5 each that's a HUGE value!

Those that know me wel,l know that I dedicated a lot of years to Chicken Soup Brigade doing Food Delivery, Home Chore and helping with their various fundraisers over the years. They merged with Northwest AIDS Foundation and became the new and improved Lifelong AIDS Alliance. The services they offer to individuals and families living with HIV and AIDS is tremendous. Everything from navigating the Insurance issues, Counseling and Support to Food Delivery, Meal Programs and Education. I can't say enough great things about them.

Hope to see you all Saturday!