We Did It!

...and I love it!
It's been 2 long weeks of moving, sorting, throwing out, organizing, sorting again and throwing out again but the switch of master bedroom and workroom is about done.
I had no idea how much space we were wasting in the big room and how cramped we were in the small room. My workbench, an iguana cage, 2 bookshelves, Donnie's gigantic computer set up and my overflow of art, craft and jewelry supplies, two humans and two terriers all in 12 x 12. It's a wonder we didn't kill ourselves or each other!

Check out the new space:
It will never be this clean again!
What you can't see is Donnie's computer set up directly across the room from the iguana cage next to my workbench. It all fit and more! I was able to bring my desk upstairs along with the file cabinet, all my photography equipment and my packaging and mailing things. I have a matching corner piece coming and more under-shelf lighting. There is so much floorspace I can actually put up one of my craft fair tables and spread out if I need to. I don't know why we didn't do this long ago. The bed, dresser and a chair for the dog to sleep in fit perfectly in the other room.
Yay to my awesome guy for saying, "Yup. Let's do this".

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I'm Meghan... said...

Looks great Julia! Congrats on making yourself a great space.