Reuse, Repurpose, Revive, Rescue, Recycle, etc

Yes, I do it.
In my craft, in my life, in my art, in my home, at the grocery store and on and on. We really do need to. We should also want to.
Recycling doesn't mean you have to weave your old clothes into rugs, turn plastic bags into hats and totes, single shoes into planters... but it does mean thinking creatively, looking for opportunity and only throwing in the "garbage" things that cannot be reused.
At all.
By anyone.
Ever again.

A big part of reusing and repurposing is being aware when you buy. Look at packaging, bring your own bag or reusable coffee tumbler, consider thrift stores for buying AND donating.
Don't get me wrong, I wear high heels, mascara, I eat meat and drive a car but that doesn't mean there is nothing left for me to do.

I'm going to attempt, no, challenge myself, to feature 1 awesome recycled item, recycle Artisan or recycle web site twice per week.
If you would like to be considered, send me off a note thru one of my "Find Me Here" sites or leave a comment.
I'd love to see your Shoe Planter ;-)

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