my vision

Although it's been a little blurry getting the Studio set up this year, I think my vision is becoming clearer.
My original intention in opening the studio was to have a space that people could use to start, further, master or share their creativity. A place to take a workshop, host a workshop, swap creations, sell creations, find local art and the occasional unusual supply.

I think that the process of demolition, rebuilding, designing the space with the structural walls (in the way) in place and filling the studio left me a little blurry, and certainly tired.

I'm excited for 2010 to be here and the Holiday to finally be over. Opening the Studio in mid-October was NEVER my intention when we started working the last week of June. While the supporters have come out in droves,
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart - you know who you are :)
it's been quite a challenge to get "on the map" during these dark days of fall and winter and competing with the holidays.

Things are starting to shape up, energy is high, the sun is out (one can wish), and it's getting warmer outside (still wishing)!

Stop by and see what's happening Tuesday thru Saturday 11am to 6pm!
The Studio blog will also help to keep you in the loop :)

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