So, I did a show yesterday at a local Middle School. I usually try to avoid schools as they have never been that great for me. I stayed up late two nightes in a row making jewelry like crazy. Well, as crazy as I could with a low motivation level. The show was a bust. I made my fee and less than $100 for the day. It also snowed. That likely impacted our attendance.

So today I'm back to what has made me happy lately. SWAPBOT! Yay!
Don't laugh. I'm actually hosting a couple swaps on the open boards. I have done a few within the safety net of my groups but these two? These two are for everybody!
Come join!

Inchies by Color - Blue!


ATC - I found it in the Newspaper!

Come on... do it.. you know you want to :)


Kayce said...

This sounds like fun - especially since I haven't done a swap yet. But I really don't know what I need to get started. Want to come over for a crafty afternoon sometime???

julia said...

do it, do it, do it...

Sure! I love crafty afternoons :)