Those of you that know me, know I'm a Reality TV junkie.
I'm not proud of it, it's just a fact. I'm coming clean.
I haven't yet tried to figure out what sick little part of me enjoys these things. Maybe it's the loose script as opposed to the super-fakey script of the sitcoms or the over-acted script of the many prime time shows. Maybe it's that the often totally crazy, sometimes trashy "Stars" (I say loosly) make me feel more normal. Maybe it's the opportunity to be smug and judge without feeling guilty...


The Bachelor finale.
Really!?!I can't hold back what a Tool I think this guy is. I've felt all along that Jason was the type of guy that RSVP's to everything with a "maybe" in case something better comes along. This ending was really no surprise, I guess. It was just a fickle Kirkland guy with his daily case of "what if's".
For those that don't watch: This guy from Seattle Area, MY area, dumped Girl 1 on National Television, asked Girl 2 to marry him. Went home alone (as the show requires to keep the secret till airing), changed his mind, DUMPED the girl he picked, again on National TV, then asked Girl 1 if she would go have coffee. Really!?! What a Tool. I predict he will be staying "in" more once he's back to Seattle from the show taping. That or he needs to wear a big hat and grow out his facial hair for a disguise.

Honestly, he kept saying "Ty (his 4 yr old son) is my number 1" and "Ty will always be the most important" and "What really matters is Ty". Then why did he put the little guy through this; Dad being gone, being flown all over the world and staying with family members, meeting multiple women (3 in all)? Neither of these final two women deserved to be number 2 to this guy. They both deserve better.

Also, They said he was from Kirkland. Yes, Kirkland. I'm from Seattle and the Sleepless in Seattle parallels they were portraying made me throw up in my mouth a little. PLUS, that S-in-S style houseboat was certainly not in Kirkland. His home in the Bachelorette season were HE was Dumpee, was an average 50's Kirkland house. Did they really think the regular Bachelor viewers wouldn't catch that? Lot's of creative license taken here.

Rant over. I feel better :-)
Don't judge me. LOL



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Kaylen said...

Geesh - this show is an absolute disaster. The host was on Ellen yesterday and he was saying that Girl #1 actually knew he wasn't going to be with her before the taping of the show, but that she didn't know he was going to pick Girl #2 or something...he was very defensive of the show and kept insisting that he would not be the host if the show was as horrible as everyone is saying it if we believe the host has a huge bag of integrity for some reason? Ugh - I liked the first two seasons, I'm totally off this show now though!