So, I made this bracelet and listed it for sale...

It brought back a funny (now) memory that made me smile and laugh at myself.

In the 5th grade I was not allowed to watch scary movies. I had never seen one.
BUT, I spent the night at my friend Patty's house and we stayed up till midnight to watch Nightmare Theater. The name alone should have told us what was to follow. The "Theater" opened with it's Vampire host waking up and lifting the lid of his coffin as he introduced the evenings/early morning horror film that was coming up. At 10 years old, that was almost enough right there.

The movie that was being shown was "Murders in the Rue Morgue". Yes, by Edgar Allen Poe starring Bella Lugosi.

Needless to say, 10 minutes into the movie in Patty's attic bedroom and I was scared to death. The young dancer we were watching was dead in her room, blood was dripping everywhere staining the white sheet on the television and the bloody bracelet on the murdered star was still tinkling, even after her death. A gold bracelet with a little bell.

Well, heart racing and wild eyed, I had to go the bathroom. You would have, too. Down the loooong hallway. In the dark. Alone. I made it to the door (and lived), turned on the light and on the back of the toilet was a gold bracelet with a little bell. (We later learned it belonged to Patty's older sister). I screamed, Patty came running. We both screamed, her Dad came running.
We were terrified and decided, with her father's help, that it would be better to listen to top 40 on her little am clock radio than finish the movie.

I was never allowed to spend the night at Patty's house again. lol

Share my terror and find out how you can have this bracelet for your very own :)

Two Big Deals !!!

EtsyRain was selected to be the featured Team for the Storque Team Spotlight article this week! Read about it here:
We had our EtsyRain first birthday

and decided to send a gift to Etsy Admin!

Here is the response we received from Etsy:
Dear EtsyRain,Words cannot express how fun it was to get that package from you!! We all stood around squealing and gasping and unwrapping and trying things on. We spread it out all over our meeting tables and were so amazed by the quality of work and thought you put into all these items. It was such a great time! You guys really put a lot of time and effort into this package and we're so so so grateful. Everything was done up so lovely too - loved all the little details.
We aren't entirely sure what we will do with all these things yet! We might donate it to a charity that we work with or maybe we can find ways to send them in our press packages and try to get you guys some press! We've already been fighting about who will get to have what haha, so instead of us taking these items home to keep we thought it would be good to share the wealth.Well thank you again for your generosity. What FUN! Here's to another amazing year working together! And good luck with your future promotions/meetings/shows!
Love, ETSY!!!!!
We knew we were going to be featured before the package went off but one had nothing to do with the other. Our was a package sent from delight to have such a great team with etsy as our common thread FOR A WHOLE YEAR ALREADY!!!
My 1st birthday with the Team is August 11. Pretty soon now...

Speaking of Street Teams...

Seattle's awesome Etsy Street Team, EtsyRain has a new logo:

We have our own website (that's currently directed back to our blog) at:

There you can find all of the awesome EtsyRain team members shops, how to join our great group if you are an etsy seller in the greater Seattle area and a link back to our very active MeetUp site and calendar.

It will show you where to find us "at large" in the Puget Sound area and even has an etsy shop feature determined by birthday. (look for mine in the June blogs)

This is such a welcoming, cohesive and active group. I'm honored to be a part of it!

Don't miss the shops of Meghan, our Logo Designer Extraordinaire

Baubles by Hand AND It's Made at Home

The Sampler, part deux

The fabulous EtsyRain team, aka: etsy Seattle Street Team did a collective donation to the sampler of more than 200 pieces!
Look at some of the awesome goodies:

That's me on the cone near the center of the picture.

It was really hard to come up with something that shows my work yet is still one of a kind and recycled, reused. My things just aren't intended to be duplicated.

I ended up making pendants by taking apart a long piece of crystal chain I had and adding different recycled pieces to the bottom of each one. They were similar, but different.

My understanding was that they sold out right away! Yay EtsyRain!

It Came, It Went...

It was Awesome!

Punk Rock Flea Market 4

July 26, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me! This is always such a fun and action packed event. Rumor has it, another in the fall...