Speaking of Street Teams...

Seattle's awesome Etsy Street Team, EtsyRain has a new logo:

We have our own website (that's currently directed back to our blog) at: http://www.etsyrain.com/

There you can find all of the awesome EtsyRain team members shops, how to join our great group if you are an etsy seller in the greater Seattle area and a link back to our very active MeetUp site and calendar.

It will show you where to find us "at large" in the Puget Sound area and even has an etsy shop feature determined by birthday. (look for mine in the June blogs)

This is such a welcoming, cohesive and active group. I'm honored to be a part of it!

Don't miss the shops of Meghan, our Logo Designer Extraordinaire

Baubles by Hand AND It's Made at Home

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