Two Big Deals !!!

EtsyRain was selected to be the featured Team for the Storque Team Spotlight article this week! Read about it here:
We had our EtsyRain first birthday

and decided to send a gift to Etsy Admin!

Here is the response we received from Etsy:
Dear EtsyRain,Words cannot express how fun it was to get that package from you!! We all stood around squealing and gasping and unwrapping and trying things on. We spread it out all over our meeting tables and were so amazed by the quality of work and thought you put into all these items. It was such a great time! You guys really put a lot of time and effort into this package and we're so so so grateful. Everything was done up so lovely too - loved all the little details.
We aren't entirely sure what we will do with all these things yet! We might donate it to a charity that we work with or maybe we can find ways to send them in our press packages and try to get you guys some press! We've already been fighting about who will get to have what haha, so instead of us taking these items home to keep we thought it would be good to share the wealth.Well thank you again for your generosity. What FUN! Here's to another amazing year working together! And good luck with your future promotions/meetings/shows!
Love, ETSY!!!!!
We knew we were going to be featured before the package went off but one had nothing to do with the other. Our was a package sent from delight to have such a great team with etsy as our common thread FOR A WHOLE YEAR ALREADY!!!
My 1st birthday with the Team is August 11. Pretty soon now...

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