Still snowing...

Well, Sunday night here.

I Heart Rummage was cancelled.
It was the big Christmas show I was counting on. The roads were just ridiculous. Overall, it's a good thing that it was cancelled. If vendors couldn't make it there, how would shoppers. My 12" ruler nearly disappeared in the front grass, I mean, snow, where the grass should be. Best we all stayed home.
Here is my street Sunday evening at 5:30pm

Yes, that is a bit of a hill you see. It's an intersting climb if I can get a car out of the snow drifts or garage from last nights snowfall.

Here's the front door.
I had the bright idea about 4:00 to shovel the front walk so when/if Joel and the babies come to see me tomorrow they have a place to stomp off their feet besides inside Grandma's house.
Umm, yeah. It's already an inch deep where I shoveled an hour and a half ago, and still snowing.


Cindy Pestka said...

Julia, I had to laugh when I read about you measuring the snow in your yard. I did the SAME thing only with an 18" metal ruler in the snowdrift on top of my patio table. It disappeared up to the 12" mark. Do you think a lot of people do that or mostly artgirls with cabin fever?


Original Cyn Studios said...

I did it too and am thinking I should again. I know we are over 18" here. UGH! How long will that take to melt?