it's wonderful!

Last night laying in bed, it sounded like it was raining. All night.
I slept sooooo well knowing I would likely be waking up to little piles of slushy snow here and there, the remnants of snow shoveling from the last 13 days.

I woke up this morning in a rush to look outside.
Snow! There was still snow! Everywhere!
What I had listened to all night was the snow and ice slowing melting from the roof and filling the gutters and downspouts.
It's ok, I'll take what I can get. It has to start somewhere.

The good news is, the places where all from my street were outside shoveling the 6 inches of ice, capped with 8" of snow yesterday --------*drum roll*--------- IT IS CLEAR!
Wet pavement is smiling up at me :-) I should be able to venture out, on my own, in my own car!

The promised rain hasn't arrived yet but it must be close...

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Original Cyn Studios said...

Yeah! It's wonderful to be able to move about and expel the cabin fever, isn't it? Hope you had a wonderful holiday even though we were all snowed in!