Featuring Etsy Recycle Artist: IMOTIME

Lookie Here! Upcycling at it's best!!!

I have watched these awesome and ocasionally bizzare clocks list and sell at the speed of light and knew I just had to (have one) feature this creative recycle/upcycle artist.
There is one in particular I have my eye on but I'm waiting for my next sale and I'm not telling you which one ;-) Those that know me personally can easily guess. I better not see it on your wall! It's calling MY name. Not yours. To buy it before me would just be mean.

I asked IMOTIME;

Who are you?
I am 40-yr-old Eric Masters, in San Diego. I have one dog, and love it here. I grew up in Evanston, IL. I spent almost seven years in Osaka, Japan, teaching English, and doing some translation and Spanish-teaching there, as well.

How did you get started making these awesome clocks?
I actually first got the idea watching Martha Stewart on tv a few years ago, where she made a clock out of a cake cover. I thought it looked fun (and easy) and unique, so I made one and gave it to a neighbor. It was well-recieved, so I just went on from there, and now almost everything looks like a clock to me.

What inspires you?
These days, the feedback I get about my clocks really inspires me, and gives me great strength. I love hearing people say that they have never seen anything like "that" before!

Which one is your favorite?
I think that my current favorite is my present Etsy Avatar, a Barbie bust doll thing with the clock in her "chestal region". Campy, if I may say so myself.

Since you use recycled materials in your artwork, do you have any recycling tips?
One thing I have learned in recent years is that so many things can have second lives in places and ways that are so new and fun. Stop before you toss that can, box, shoe, globe...
Think about it in a different way, and you may get some great (and way inexpensive) results!

I used to be called cheap. Now I am Green. Cool, huh?

Run to IMOTIME's shop to get 1st choice of these incredible clocks
(but not the one that will be mine)



handsewn said...

I've seen this clock artist's work before on Etsy and want to tell you I love seeing what cool clocks show up in the store. Keep cool time with IMOTIME!

GracieBird said...

I adore IMO's work, always love seeing it on Etsy.

Dawn said...

I found Imotime around Christmas, as one of the possibilities for my hard to buy for brother-in-law. I didn't get him a clock yet, but that may be because I want one for myself first! They are neat! :)

Hyla Waldron said...

Very cool!

julia said...

I got my clock! It's the first one :) It's here and on my wall. I love it!!!