Donnie, myself and the Iguana have been crammed into the second bedroom of our condo for our "leisure activities" for more than 2 years. His activity being the monsterous computer set up he has for gaming and mine, of course, the jewelry and art workbench. And shelves. And secondary table. And supply cabinet.
OK, so we are not just crammed in, I'm overflowing into the loft area in the hallway and then some. Add in an Iguana cage that's larger than a large armoir and two terriers that are constantly underfoot and there is no room left to walk. We trip through the door hoping to land in the vacinity of our chairs. These pictures are of everything all cleaned up.

One day while making envelopes for some ACEO's I casually said, "We should switch the two bedrooms since we spend more time here than we do sleeping". As we think about it, maybe we really should! Will the ginormous bed fit? If it does, will we be able to get anything else in the room? Will I have to have the headboard flat against the wall? (I hate that). We'll have to start measuring.

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