Etsy Anniversary!

Yesterday was my 1 year etsy anniversary!
It almost came and went without my remembering.
Not counting the multiple item listings, just the individual listings sold, I fell short of my goal.
I really wanted to hit 365 etsy sales. One for each day I had been on. I came up at 335 and 514 hearts. Had I put out more effort early on, I think I would have exceeded it by a landslide. Who knew would be so awesome?
I had know about etsy for nearly a year but was doing so well on ebay that I didn't want to spread out my time to another website. What a mistake that was.
So, this years goal is to hit 700 etsy sales! That is an additional 365 over my anniversary total.
I have the 2nd shop for de-stash supplies and vintage but I'm not counting it in my goal.

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