Search and Negotiation UPDATE:

I think we have a solid YES from one of the 2 spaces!
Meeting today to walk thru and discuss changes.
Crossing my fingers.

Update to the Update:
Yay! I have a space! There is most definitely some interior and a bit of exterior work to be done. We should be moved in no later than August 1st!!! Not sure if the space will be arranged with retail open to the public but it will be, should be, ready for Workshops, ATC swaps, and WCW!

The search and negotiation

Well, here we are, already mid June.
In the perfect little world inside my head, the search and negotiation for the new studio space is complete and I'm all moved in.

In the real world, there are 2 places I want badly and neither owner is motivated enough to finalize the details and get me paying them rent. At first I thought maybe it was me. Now I realize that they really are not motivated.
At all.
It's killing me.
The long lazy days of summer are the perfect time to paint, prepare, decorate and promote a new location.
Yes, soon.