Search and Negotiation UPDATE:

I think we have a solid YES from one of the 2 spaces!
Meeting today to walk thru and discuss changes.
Crossing my fingers.

Update to the Update:
Yay! I have a space! There is most definitely some interior and a bit of exterior work to be done. We should be moved in no later than August 1st!!! Not sure if the space will be arranged with retail open to the public but it will be, should be, ready for Workshops, ATC swaps, and WCW!


Kayce said...

That's exciting! Let me know if you need help with anything!

Experimetal said...

it is exciting!
I can help too~ if you need anything! see ya soon!

Kaylen said...

Fun!!! Congrats - Can't wait to hear more about it!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Congratulations! How exciting and how darn cool is THAT?! I am doing the happy dance for you and dreaming of the day I will have a real space to work in (where I can shut the door, crank up the music, and totally escape into work - though my family probably worries about this, I may never come out again) Can't wait to see pix of the new digs!

Thank you for your support of the Stop Art Piracy project. It means a lot to a lot of us. We just wanna get the word out that even though we all learn and share and grow from one another's work, it is not okay to out and out download and reuse another colleague's efforts and work without their permission. You are helping raise that awareness and for that you should be applauded. Your encouragement and kind words have meant a lot to me personally. thank you!