The Charm Swap

I signed up for a charm swap at the urging of a fellow jewelry maker. The swap was at this awesome little place called The Salvage Studio in Edmonds. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into until I had signed up and started asking questions.

It ends up that there are a total of 25 people. Each person brings 24 hand made charms. We all sit around a giant table and pass the plate with our hand made charms to the person on the left (this time). Each person chooses one before passing the plate on. Everyone is doing this at the same time so it's "musical plates" so to speak. When your own plate gets back to you, it's empty and you should have 24 different charms from the plates you passed.

Here's some of what I brought to trade:

Let me tell you, there were some awesome treasures I collected from those plates! It was so fun and everyone was so creative!

Here's what I got to take home:

As the plates were being passed you could hear the oooohs and ahhhhs and a little squeal now and then (probably from me :) I can hardly wait for the next one! We have to wait till February. I'm already working on the planning for the next batch.

What was especially fun was after the swap, we went around the table telling which charm we had made, what supplies we used and how we made it. Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions. I highly recommend signing up if you ever hear of a Charm Swap happening! Great fun!

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cinderelly said...

hi julia! i am cindy from etsy rain ('cindytoo' on the meetups board...there are a few cindys in etsy rain!) i have been to one of those workshops at salvage studio too, it's such a cute place and the ladies are so nice and helpful. those charms are adorable!